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Latest news:
Graham, Paul and Pastor Raj have returned from their mission to Punjab and then Hyderabad on March 17th 2023. If you would like to support the ministry of feeding poor families and homeless people while sharing the love of Jesus please:


Please click on this link to find out how they got on. This is the link to the Sunday service when we heard all about it – start watching around 30 minutes.

What is Heart for India?

Heart for India is DUC’s newest ministry and was welcomed at our AGM in June 2022. Pastor Raj has been leading this ministry for many years and has asked for it to become part of DUC.
The aim of Heart for India is practical and spiritual support and bringing the Gospel to India, concentrating on the villages (as there are many churches already working in the cities). This is inspired by the emphasis in the Bible on supporting the poor, the widow, the orphan and the stranger in the land.

In practice, Pastor Raj will visit India twice per year and:
– Share food (simple 15-20 days rations for families), clothes and blankets
– Preach the gospel
– Encourage and establish 12-step programs for people with addictions

His next trip will be in summer 2022, including being part of 75 years of Independence celebrations.

Throughout the year as well as raising funds for the above, Pastor Raj supports this ministry in other ways e.g. being part of an Indian Pastors prayer group, visiting Asian people at Heathrow immigration.
He also continues to keep the memory of his friend who led this ministry in Hyderabad but sadly passed away last year.

How can you get involved?
Please continue to pray for this ministry and for Pastor Raj as he balances a busy job in Derby with leading this ministry.
Is God calling you to join him on a mission trip next year (which you would need to fund or we could help you fundraise for)?

Please donate financially to increase the amount of food parcels and other essentials that can be given out. Giving can be via your DUC congregation marking your donation as for ‘Heart for India’ or via our give.net page where we have set up a specific way to donate.

For more information, there is a link to the website of the charity Raj works with then he is in India which is: https://www.votcm.org/global-ministries
We are also keen to set up a management group for this ministry – please see one of the Trustees if you’d like to be involved.

Pastor Raj’s mission trip summer 2022.

He left from Heathrow on 28th July and has arrived safely in Dehli.
Here are two of the events he is going to be speaking at.

3rd August – Here are some photos we have received today from Pastor Raj.

Update from Pastor Raj 5th August

It is 8am and 36 degrees outside [cooler in the house with air con] Night temp 28 degrees. The Street feeding is coming on as well as can be managed – due to heavy rains in South India some of the work not been possible. Punjab in North India has been ok for the 3rd August meeting. Heavy rain was in the surrounding area but not a drop on my village and the Pray meeting. Many souls were saved and sickness removed. Glory To God. I was Preaching in 38 degrees that day.
Having around150 people there, and Praying for the sick and laying of hands.

I am going village to village to share the gospel and the hot weather or heavy downpours not stop me. Here are some photos from yesterday.

Update from Pastor Raj 15th August

Greetings In Jesus Name From India .

Thank you To Everyone for your Prays. This Visit of mine to India has been Powerful. Everyday I have been visiting villages and families teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes it has been very HOT 38 degrees in evening time when I been going out. The work of God must continue no matter the weather.

This is a just quick update on 16th August as I been very busy last whole week and was unable to send a update. (Apart from having a fever of 101 and a cough last week was rested 1 day). Sunday I was preaching for 2 hours and people were set free from strongholds. Monday 15th Yesterday was the Big Meeting . Have a look at the photos below. So this week I continue to have Pray meetings and teaching new people. I would request you continue to Pray till we arrive back in Derby on Saturday . I will be in Church Sunday. I have already started my planning for my next visit . God Bless you All and Thank you for your Love and Support

Watch this space for news of his trip and thanks for your prayers.

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